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‘EVONTTE’ is founded on an intuitive understanding of a women’s needs and desires. The product range is created to appeal to a fashionable woman’s lifestyle. Evontte is an expression of confidence where design and utility are combined in a remarkable union. The concept of the brand is based around sophisticated, high quality minimalistic designs, which is achieved by pairing different textures of high grade PU and leather together.

We make beautiful products from quality materials, because we believe each one is a representation of who we are and we believe in making fashion meaningful simply by not taking it so seriously and making it more fun and enjoyable.

Evontte collection takes pride in its design excellence and evocative style to create a simplistic aesthetic vision to influence the modern lifestyle.

Evontte takes pride in its design excellence and evocative style

Each handbag at Evontte is crafted until we are confident it embraces our philosophy of providing high-quality handbags to complement your look.

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Evontte red handbag